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New Ideas

Below are new designs Stephen has developed
What do you think?

new design
pencil new

Stephen has been playing with a new design for the centre of a bed panel. Above showns the carving (unpolished) of a Tudor Rose. To give you an idea of scale the chisel is 3/4" or 18mm.

I am trying to start up a new website looking at the bigger picture regarding sleep. I have been making beds for years, providing customers with the bed they want, supplying quality mattresses, so that they have quality sleep. I would like to bring together articles, links and other information together to help people with sleeping disorders, understand dreams, source quality mattresses, linen, etc and generally promote better sleep, or elite sleep, as I have called it. I have started putting up the basic structure of a website, but it needs you to help it grow into an information centre for sleep related topics. Please email me any information that may be of interest. Meanwhile, take a look at Elite Sleep, and see how it could be improved. Stephen Edwards

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