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In the Workshop

The customer wanted an elegant regency style bed.

Detail of headboard



Morticing the stile for the rails to be jointed in.

Machining the tenon onto the rail to fit into the stile.

Hand planing the edges of all the stiles and rails

Then hand sanding them

Machining the fielding onto all the panels.

The fininshed panel ready for sanding

Sanding the back of the panel

Another way of sanding the back of the panel

Hand planing each panel

sanding around the edges of all of the fieldings.; Very time consuming.

Gluing the frame together with the panels in place

Cramping the joints nice and tight.

Drilling each joint ready to accept a square dowel.

Once the dowels are knocked in, the excess is cut off.

Spraying An Oak Dining Table

Top coat, natural finish

Edging some wood for cabinet doors and frames

Cutting the timber to size

Morticing the cabinet frames.

Machining a tenon onto a rail

Cramping a cabinet frame together. This is for a bedside cabinet

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