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Business Philosophy

Having been in business for myself for almost 20 years, I have found myself analysing the way I have progressed and developed both in business, and as a person, and the word that covers this best is philosophy. If your business is not doing well, then it may be worth taking a look at its philosophy.

It may be stating the obvious, but how successful you and your business becomes, will rely on your (or the businesses) philosophy.  I believe that people are in control of their own future, and can achieve what ever they want with honesty, integrity, dedication, generosity and a sense of humour. 

Business should be fun.  People working for you should love what they are doing, you should bring out their talents, find out what they are good at, see if it fits with what you are trying to achieve.   If it does wind them up like a coiled spring by motivating them, and let them go at their own project. If their talents do not fit in with what you require, it is unfair to keep employing them.  By letting them go elsewhere, they can find their talents, and get the most pleasure from doing something they love doing. The best team you can build is one where the people do not consider what they are doing as work, they love doing what they are doing and would be happy doing it as their hobby, or without being paid.

Many businesses believe that the most important aspect of a business is to make money, and I have watched a few businesses with this philosophy being held back by it. I feel this is the wrong approach. Customers want to be treated like real people not wallets on legs. I once worked for a shopkeeper who quoted the price of a dining table based on quality of the potential customers’ shoes, his watch and the car he drove. Clients want a service provider to listen to their problem and solve it for them.  By giving them exactly what they want, they will then be happy to pay a fair price your service or product.

Our company makes four poster beds and oak furniture for customers all over the world.  They really appreciate me sitting down with them for however long it takes, listening to their needs and offering possible suggestions to their problems, until we have reached a potential solution that they are completely happy with. When I am still sat down with them I work out how much it will cost, give them the quote, and they virtually always go ahead with the four poster bed or other item of furniture that they would like handmade. You need honesty and integrity, both from a personal and a business perspective, and as long as you are fair with customers then they seem to be more than happy to pay what you ask.

Deliver on time, do not be days or weeks out. Handmade furniture takes time.  Clients do not mind waiting 12 weeks for a four poster bed that they have been waiting a lifetime to own. It is better to say you will have it done within 12 weeks, and take eight, than say you will make it in six weeks, and then take eight. For other services, such as Internet book selling, the timing will be much less but the principles will remain the same.  Twenty four hour delivery means exactly that, be true to your word.

Those reading this may not agree, but I have found that by following some of these simple rules, doors will open and opportunities arise more frequently as a result.

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