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Frequently Asked Questions

About Beds And Other Furniture

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have a showroom, with many examples of our range of four poster beds and furniture on display. There are also colour samples and a wealth of photos to look through. Please call us to book an appointment on 01544 340 444.

Can you get a four poster in our bedroom?

We have not failed yet. The four poster beds are normally 78" high, but we have had to make a bed 72" high to go under a beam some years ago. Components will go through normal doorways, if the mattress can go up the stairs and into the room, the rest of the bed is sure to.

Do you deliver?

We will gladly deliver and assemble the beds within the UK, for a charge to cover our costs.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes. We have shipped furniture, mostly four poster beds, to Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Europe.

How much does shipping overseas cost?

Please contact us to get a shipping quote, as it is not just what we export and the country we export to, but your location that is important.

Do the beds come apart for ease of shipping?

These four poster beds 'breakdown' into sensible sized components for 'flat packing', keeping the shipping costs to a minimum.

Are the beds easy to assemble?

They are easier than you would think, but we will gladly put the beds together for you when we deliver in the UK. Assembly Instructions that are easy to understand are sent with our beds shipped overseas.

How long will it take?

A bed is usually delivered within 12 weeks from receipt of our one third deposit. If your needs are more urgent we will do our very best to help. This does not allow for shipping times for furniture leaving the UK.

Can you polish our four poster bed in a different colour?

We have a selection of rich, deep standard colours, but we will custom finish you bed to a style suiting you.

Can you match the colour of our existing furniture?

Yes, we are happy to send you colour samples in the post until you tell us that we have the correct colour.

Do you make other bedroom furniture to match?

We will custom make bedroom furniture (including, but not limited to bedside cabinets, dressing tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes) to match the design of the four poster bed. If you are able to send through the rough dimensions you require we can then provide an accurate quote.

We like the look of oak, but do not want to spend that much, any ideas?

English ash is a good alternative. It can be hand planed to give the 'old' look, and takes a dark oak stain really well. However, the grain will be a little different.

Can we have different panels, with different posts?

Yes, we are happy to mix and match the detailing to give you exactly the bed you want.

We have a picture of a bed we like, can you make it for us?

We will do our best. We do however use solid wood, and therefore do not have the equipment for decorative veneer work.

Can you carve decoration onto a bed?

Yes, we can carve most types of decoration, but for the more intricate I may use dedicated carvers, so please allow a little longer.

Can you make the beds larger or smaller than the sizes you list?

Yes. We make to the mattress size provided, so can make adjustments to the bed to suit. We list the most popular sizes in the UK, but we appreciate the dimensions can be different in the USA and Europe. Prices can be confirmed once the mattress size is known.

Can you make single four poster bed?

Yes. To gain an idea of price, they are normally around two thirds of the cost of a king size four poster. (This sounds expensive in comparison, but although the material costs are nearly half, the joints are identical to those on a full size bed.)

My husband is very tall, can you make the bed longer than normal?

Yes, we can make the bed longer and have mattresses made to match. We would only ask that you bear in mind linen for bespoke sizes can be more expensive/harder to find. Where customers cannot fit a longer bed in the room, some opt for a lower footboard or footrail so that they are not restricted by panels at the foot of the bed.

About Mattresses

Is the mattress included in the price?

Bed bases and mattresses are extra, but we price competitively, offering top quality handmade mattresses which you know will fit.

What does the mattress sit on?

Usually a four inch firm edge traditionally cone sprung base, similar to the top part of a divan base. We will also make slats, although they will give a firmer feel to the bed base.

Can you make a bed fit around our existing bed?

We can make the four poster bed frame fit around your existing divan base, but we will need exact measurements (including depths). We can even put bed frames around water beds.

Can we have the mattress height lower?

Yes, we can alter the mattress height to suit your requirements.

About Drapes

Are the drapes included in the price?

Unfortunately, drapes are extra.

Do you make the drapes to go with the bed?

We have an excellent seamstress who will custom tailored drapes to suit your taste.

How much do the drapes cost?

This will depend on the material you use to make them,and how complicated they are. A pair of curtains and valance can be in the region of £680, when working from our standard fabric choices.

What do the curtains hang from?

We provide a brass rail around the inside of the cornice from which the curtains can hang. The valance can also be put on this rail, or velcro can be used to hold it on. This makes removal for washing rather easy.

About Stephen

Do you enjoy what you do?

Very much. I enjoy designing and making the furniture, the job satisfaction is great, especially when you can turn a customers idea into 'just what we wanted'....Making their dreams come true. A lady once thanked me for her four poster bed, 'You have made me very happy, I've longed for a four poster bed for about 65 years, having slept in one when I was six.' That is a great feeling.

Do you sleep in one of your own beds?

Of course, except when I'm away from home. These days I try to try out a variety of mattresses to test what they are like so that I am in a better position to advise you.

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